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MDX allows for certain things beyond what markdown is capable of. Content here will discuss using those features to augment or modify the default content layout.


You can declare frontmatter in your .mdx files to provide specific metadata for the theme to use. The most important of which is the title. You can also provide a description and keywords which will be added to the head of your document.

title: Markdown
description: Usage instructions for the Markdown component
keywords: 'ibm,carbon,gatsby,mdx,markdown'

Smart quotes

The theme has a remark for processing straight quotes, into ‘smart’ quotes (”). However, this plugin isn’t able to process text used in custom MDX components. When using quotes in custom components, content authors should manually use “smart quotes” to adhere to the IBM Design Language content guidelines.

Custom title

You can export a Title component in order to render a unique title for a single page. This is particularly useful for including line breaks at a specific location.

Note: You still need to provide a regular string title to the frontmatter for search, navigation, and the HTML header title to work.

title: MDX
description: custom title page
export const Title = () => (
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