npm scripts

Site’s built with the Carbon Gatsby theme starter come ready to go with some helpful npm scripts. You can run these commands by typing yarn [command] or npm run [command]


  • clean - this is used to clean gatsby’s cache and public directory. It should be used sparingly, only when you’re experiencing weird errors or caching issues.


  • develop - this is your primary for starting up your gatsby site for development
  • develop:clean - this is provided as a convenience; it first runs clean then develop


  • build - this is what you’ll use to bundle your site. Gatsby will minimize your images and create a static, blazing fast site in your public directory
  • serve - this can be run to serve the bundle locally after running build. It can be used to debug locally if any issues are encountered durring build.
  • build:clean - this is a provided as a convenience, it first runs clean then build
  • build:prefix - this will append all of your links with a pathPrefix specified in your gatsby-config.js
  • serve:prefix - this will allow you to serve the file locally using a prefixed site built with build:prefix
  • test:prefix - this is provided as a convenience; it first runs build:prefix then test:prefix
  • build:analyze - this will run build while also running webpack-bundle-analyzer to help debug bundle size issues webpack bundle analysis screenshot